Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kutty Heroes - Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is!!

Vandana Yadav – age 13 - fought the three goons who tried to molest her - She slapped one of them; one of them whipped out a knife - She was stabbed 17 times – but she never gave up the fight – finally the men fled in fear- wants to be a police officer - to protect the dignity of women and make their lives safer – class of bravery award winners (2007)

Teja Sai, and C V Durga Doondieswar - Ravindra Bharathi Public School - picnic on the banks of the Munneru river - A ball that some students were playing with fell into the river- Some of them tried to retrieve it, but were caught in the current- Teja Sai and Doondieswar knew how to swim - They saved four of them but in the process lost their own lives. class of bravery award winners (2007)

Paonam Babyrose Devi - fractured left leg - her toddler cousin Nebision head for a bucket of water in which her mother had put an electrical immersion heater - no one in the house - Nebision put his hand in the water - he had been electrocuted - Paonam dragged herself on the floor and turned off the main electricity switch- dragged herself out of the house and raised the alarm - The villagers heard her cries and could rush to help Nebision just in time - wants to become a doctor so that she can take care of the people in the villages.

Asma Ayyub Khan - who helped about 40 trapped schoolchildren escape floodwaters

Sushila Gurjar of Rajasthan - revolted against child marriage

Shilpa Janbandhu of Chhattisgarh - defied Naxalite threats

And 24 24 odd situations....showed unbeleivable courage....

Hats off to those 24 little children they made quite a lot of difference to others life by putting their own life on the line...

Inspite of getting scared half to death these brave little hearts never said "I QUIT"

Saturday, May 19, 2007

To all those broken hearts…

She dumped him…
He cried…
I wondered…

I tried to console him…I lied to heal his broken heart…but nothing worked out…

Shadowfax unaku intha pain theriyathu da! he said

More and more I lied…

“dei avathanda una mari oru payan kedaikalanu alanum”
“machi avalam oru ponney kedayathu”
“atleast ipovathu ava oru bitchnu therinchathey”
“machi vidu da…athaan nalla enjoy pannitela…freeya vidu avala kalyanam panikiraven oru thyagi da”

He sneered at me…perhaps the last one was not much appreciated from his side…

I tried to convince him for the umpteenth time but nothing worked. His brain became disfunct. His broken heart offering infinite impedance to my words of comfort…what else can I do…better we ride home.

Me…my friend…on my bike…returning home…thiruvanmiyur signal…180 seconds!

A little girl…
Anna pasikuthu na…

I recognized there were more than one broken heart around me!
The one sitting behind me was far more better…cause he did have me to heal his scar.
Who can heal the wrath bestowed upon that little broken heart standing infront of me.

Change illa kutty! I said

5…4…3…2…1…15(that’s unfair!)

I saw the entire people standing in front of me sped up like their asses were on fire! Even “my kal shoe maker” would fail to give such a start!

Time has this mysterious power to heal all wounds!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stop yoga patenting for heavens sake!

Bikram Choudhury the best known yoga teacher in the US, Choudhury in the past has reportedly applied for the patent of Yoga with the US administration.

just think of what would happen if he patents the may seem disastrous to the Americans who use western toilets...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Shadowfax and Neo - How the world’s gonna handle us!

Neo is my most trusted friend since my school days. Neo is cool, smart, intelligent(conditions apply)...truly a heart break kid(thats not a compliment). This blog's truly dedicated to the 8th wonder of the world….NEO.

She: hey shadowfax! Guess what
Shadowfax: what?
She: me getting married da.
Shadowfax: pathetic!
She(with already half nose cut): hey velayadadha da…u know I am marrying my friend da.
Shadowfax: oh Shwetha va marry panna poriya….coool!
She snaps the phone!!

She: hey neo? Good morning da!
Neo: enna un munchi panni mari irukku.

Shadowfax(in a dull tone): dei unta oru mukkiyamana vishyam pesanum?
Neo: enna saga poriya…
Shadowfax: !!

Shadowfax: neo this is she1.
Neo: huh!(scorns at she1)
Shadowfax: ???
She2 looks at shadowfax like she would set him ablaze with her reddend eyes.

Shadowfax: dei unnoda wife oruthana romba nerama pathutey irukana ne ennada pannuva
Neo: oru night poitu variyanu kepen…
Shadowfax: ???

Shadowfax: Dei ne venumna paru unga patti sagum pothu un perla kodikanakana sothu eluthi vaika poranga…
Neo: appdiya…appuram
Shadowfax: dei chumma thimir pidichu pesatha da…unga patti setha ne ennada pannuva..
Neo: weekendla setha ooruku poven illati pogamaten.
Shadowfax: enda ipdi pesura
Neo : appuram enna sappuma….
Shadowfax: "I quit"

Neo’s quotable quotes:
“en devadhai enga irukalo……….evanoda paduthurukalo”
“my wife must be my 100th F***”
“first nightla light off panna maten”

The ultimate one happened yesterday!

Shadowfax: Neo firstnightla ne ennada pannuva…
Neo: she2 iniku ne romba tireda irupa…thungunu solluven
Shadowfax: nambiten!

life's too wonderful to be spent laughing all time!

You made my life beautiful in one way! you are the one who taught me my greatest lessons of all time "Face the greatest obstacles with the sweetest smile...never show your weakness to the world...thats how a hero will rise!!"

I asked neo to read this post...

Shadowfax: dei...epdi da irunthuchu intha blog
Neo: nakku nakkunu nakkitiyae...
Shadowfax:??? !@##

Saturday, May 12, 2007


How do I look today meena?

Meena is one of those little gods own children. She’s seven…she’s cute…she sings beautifully….she is blind and orphaned!

It was my last years birthday that made me so close to meena. Eowyn took me to this blind school that day. It was truly uncomfortable looking these little hearts…because these children apart from being blind some of them had disfigured faces…some were mentally retarded…but all had one similarity…they were all blind!

Eowyn said “ ellarum kelunga…ithu shadowfax anna…inimey ivangalum namaloda friend”

Eowyn is so cute…she’s one of the best things that had happened to me…

I bid goodbye to all. Eowyn went over to each children planted a kiss on every child’s cheeks and then we left the place.

The next day I visited the blindschool again but this time alone. There were very few children.
I went straight to that little girl holding an abacus and asked “neenga yaru”.(who are you)
She unfolded her palms and raised her arm.
The blindschool staff said “sir pakathula ponga ava ungala feel panumnu nenaikira”(sir pls go near her she wants to feel you)
I held that little girls palm and placed them over my cheeks and said “Shadowfax”
She replied “nan meena”(I am meena)

That’s when a new relation started germinating between me and meena. Nowadays I visit her every time whenever I am in Madurai and spend some time talking with her about the world she sees(feels!). And whenever I visit the school I place meenu’s palm on my cheeks she would recognize me the next second and say “Shadowfax”

Life’s greatest happiness comes in small forms! Truly speaking Each day meena sees more of this world than us.

Shadowfax – The Real Me!

I love this city. This is where I was born. This is where I live. This is where I belong. I am Shadowfax.

I have beautiful memories in this city.

This is the place that gave me my best friends.
This is the place that gave me my first gang.
This is the place where I found my first love…then the second one tooo!!!
This is the place where I first faced my first street fight with my collegemate.
This is the place which made me understand that I have a heart and so does everyone else around me.

I have broken hearts…some broke mine…I cheated a few…many cheated me…
I made friends with the rich, poor, the dreadful, the unruly, the sinister and ofcourse few good hearted people.

I truly don’t know how to react infront of a girl. So I avoid them. But still managed to get few girlfriends(I swear…just friends nothing else!). Never forgets to give that special girl a warm hug whenever I leave this place.

I spend money lavishly but never give a penny to beggars.

I dream big. I move with big people.
But will always visit Meena and her friends at the Blind school whenever I am here.

I love to be alone atleast few minutes a day.

Iam Shadowfax. Shadowfax is real. And it’s still in me.

Proud to be a Shadowfax!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Chithirai Exhibition at Madurai

Was lucky enough to catch up with the annual chithirai exhibition that’s conducted on the tamukkam grounds of madurai.

Madurai doesn’t have much of recreation. So chithirai exhibition usually attracts large crowds. This years exhibition was no exception.

The crowd was crawling slowly towards the ticket counter. One great advantage of such exhibition is that u can witness homely girls of madurai in full makeup(“which would usually include thavani, liitle ornaments on the neck, malligai flowers adorning their neatly combed hair and a kumkum in their foreheads a little above the middle of their eyebrows forming a imaginary equilateral triangle if connected to their eyebrows! … perfect beauty I would call them(equivalent tamil transcription: semma kattai machi!”));

As I entered the grounds I could hear the monotonous voice of the infamous roja paaku ad tearing the loudspeakers placed through out the grounds. The catchy one among the Ad was

10th faila ….kavalapadthinga
kings catering institiute join panungaaaaaaaa
velinatuku pongaaaaaaa
lifeaaaaaa enjoyyyyyyy panunga

(Actual Public Reaction: intha natheri paya lifeaa enjoy panathunala thaan 10th la kuthivutanunga…inimey kingsla vera senthu gummi adikanumoooo)

appalam, molagai bajji are part and parcel of chithirai exhibition. People never leave the place without munching the gigantic appalams and molagai bajji’s.

But I decided to get myself occupied up with a Butter Bun. When I think of ButterBun it reminds me the guy who used to make ButterBuns near my friends home. He was body builder. He usually stood first in the districts body building competitions. We were his ardent fans. He told us that he used to eat lots of ButterBuns that’s why he is so much healthier. Eventually I and my friend used to eat his ButterBuns during school days. But after joining college we were not able to do so. We went to the same place after a year and asked for the person(body builder) who used to make butterbuns. We got a stunning reply “ he died of heart attack while excercising in gym”. That’s the last day I ate Butterbuns and that’s the day I decided never to go to gym.

So after a long long time I tasted the Butter Buns this chithirai exhibition. After munching out the entire bun I read the packet holding the read “Pandian SWEAT Buns”. Curse the gods it happens only in india!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thomas! BAMS, Phd(UK) was not skilled Enough!

This time my victim was a Indian ayurvedic doctor who had returned(deported!) afresh from UK on his way to nagercoil.


Thomas: whats ur designation in XXX?
Shadowfax: !! (I looked down my tag still danging to my belt!) oh engineer. i removed the ID card and put it in to my bag. and by the way you are....
Thomas: Thomas! BAMS, Phd(UK) deported,defamed last month...

Thomas was one of the unlucky few(16000+ indians facing deportation since the implementation of new rules in the highly skilled immigration plans of UK).

Thomas was one of the brilliant Indian students who went out to UK for his Doctoral studies under the highly skilled immi....wait! who cares who the hell this thomas is? straight in to the topic:

shadow fax: Are they real! this ayurvedic stuff. principle behind eating leaves that were proclaimed to cure deadly symptoms?!

Thomas: yeh! there are treatments to cure some diseases in ayurvedha. what kind of deadly symptoms u mean?

shadow fax: can u cure impotency! aids! brain fever???

thomas: no way...thats not possible!

Rest of our conversation is irrelevant to the current topic.

Dr. thomas a research scientist in ayurvedha from UK says that he is not skilled enough to cure such symptoms. But we have better doctors in tamilnadu who cure such diseases and my pick is "XXX's siddha vaithiya salai". Most TV viewers would know XXX.

The program would start like this

A viewer calls

" ayya enaku innum 6 monthsla kalyanam. ana enaku anmai kuraivu irukunu nenaikiren. ennala en pondatiyoda uravu vachika mudiyathu. ennaya panrathu"

(i am about to get married within the next six months. but i am impotent. i cant have a suuccesful relationship with my wife)

XXX turns angry
" dei edupatta payaley...eruma mattu payaley....enda oru ponnoda valkaiya kedukura...and he scolds him for 5 minutes non stop."

(hey useless fellow...son of a buffalo... why are you spoiling that girls life....)

finally "thambi nan unaku appa mathiri enoda hospitalku vaa nan solra marunthu sapdu unaku nan ellathayum sari panni kuduthudaren. ne ethuvum kavalai padatha nan pathukren. ne onnum enta vara venam ne entha doctors ta venalum pogalam ana angalllam ponina unaku neratharama kolandhai porakathu thaambi. appuram un ishtam. tamilnatla...en indiavulaye intha medicine enga kitta thaan iruku...nanga parambra parambraya intha velaya thaan pakrom"

( son i am like ur father!!! come to my hospital...follow my prescriptions i will cure your defect. you need not come to me you can also go to other doctors as well but if you do that u will be impotent for life!..iam the best in the state...i am the best in the country to treat impotency...and we have been doing this for years!!)

The caller cries and says "saringa appaa neenga solra mariye ketukren. nan tharkolai panikalamnu nenachen. but neenga yenna kapathitinga...maru valkai kuduthutinga...he cries...ayya nan nalaikey ungala vanthu pakren...(he hangs the phone).

(ok daddy i will do as you say...i was about to commit suicide...but you saved me...i am reborn...i will meet you tomorrow)

Any person who has his grey cells still attached to his brains would never beleive this. And i would personnaly recommend sivaraj and that mysterious caller to pursue career in dramatics which i would say will be a grand success.

Shadowfax: Thomas! have any idea how XXX cures impotency??

Thomas: perhaps? he must have got his balls re attached!!


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Who’s to be blamed here!

POST deleted for obvious reasons!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Chennai to Madurai by BUS

I should have booked the ticket earlier but I had been so lethargic and confident that I trusted southern railways would not ditch me. But it happened this weekend. I visit madurai most weekends but this time I failed to prebook a ticket in the legendary pandian express. So I was forced to go for on the spot ticket booking @ koyambedu bus stand. I managed to get ticket in the infamous “NATIONAL travels” (truly national...somekinda it happens only in india stuff!).

I asked for the earliest bus. He gave me a ticket in the 9pm bus.

Travelling in a pathetic non A/c air bus for a fare of Rs 570+ and seat no:32 would spell “hell in a cell”.

Surprisingly the bus arrived the stands by 8:45 pm. Unexpected, worth a standing ovation. I had already boarded the bus and found my seat 32(last row as guessed!). The 34 seater bus which must have been cleaned last summer with a haunting smell(that’s not a compliment!) was indeed looking like a mobile hell on earth. But to my awe I saw reebok shoes, N75, k750i, 6600 and mobiles of all colours around me boarding the bus. Guess who they were “the young n proud software pro”. Another example to substantiate the fact that IT professional are soft targets for all kinds of cheating. Who else on this world would give 570+ for a bus that must have been dismantled in the junkyard by then.

As I was calming down my mind there came a guy in pursuit of seat no:35. That’s where all the fun began.

It was 9:30 and still there were no signs of the driver. So I started conversing with my co passenger. He too was a pro like me. We talked about domain, practices, managers, pay, and at some point of time our talk he said why aren’t they still taking the 9:30 bus. I corrected him 9 pm bus. No 10 pm bus some one replied from front. I understood its all the same bus!! The funs over baby! I got down the bus and blasted the driver standing there. And finally we sensed air by 10 pm. The bus started crawling in to the roads of chennai.

“appa tv podamatangala pa” some kid asked

“mothala avan gear pottu ottrananu papom” someone said.

There were laughter everywhere. Truly the driver forgot the fourth gear. The bus crawled out of chennai and reached tambaram checkpost by 11 pm. I got so BORED by then that I slept. It wasn’t a bus ride for sure. By the time I reached madurai I sensed some of my body parts aching. I felt like having travelled riding on shadowfax to madurai. I experienced hell that day. Never would I board that bus again. It looked like one long ride on a dragon roller coaster. “u cheat me. shame on you. u cheat me again then shame on me………”