Saturday, May 12, 2007

Shadowfax – The Real Me!

I love this city. This is where I was born. This is where I live. This is where I belong. I am Shadowfax.

I have beautiful memories in this city.

This is the place that gave me my best friends.
This is the place that gave me my first gang.
This is the place where I found my first love…then the second one tooo!!!
This is the place where I first faced my first street fight with my collegemate.
This is the place which made me understand that I have a heart and so does everyone else around me.

I have broken hearts…some broke mine…I cheated a few…many cheated me…
I made friends with the rich, poor, the dreadful, the unruly, the sinister and ofcourse few good hearted people.

I truly don’t know how to react infront of a girl. So I avoid them. But still managed to get few girlfriends(I swear…just friends nothing else!). Never forgets to give that special girl a warm hug whenever I leave this place.

I spend money lavishly but never give a penny to beggars.

I dream big. I move with big people.
But will always visit Meena and her friends at the Blind school whenever I am here.

I love to be alone atleast few minutes a day.

Iam Shadowfax. Shadowfax is real. And it’s still in me.

Proud to be a Shadowfax!!

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