Saturday, May 12, 2007


How do I look today meena?

Meena is one of those little gods own children. She’s seven…she’s cute…she sings beautifully….she is blind and orphaned!

It was my last years birthday that made me so close to meena. Eowyn took me to this blind school that day. It was truly uncomfortable looking these little hearts…because these children apart from being blind some of them had disfigured faces…some were mentally retarded…but all had one similarity…they were all blind!

Eowyn said “ ellarum kelunga…ithu shadowfax anna…inimey ivangalum namaloda friend”

Eowyn is so cute…she’s one of the best things that had happened to me…

I bid goodbye to all. Eowyn went over to each children planted a kiss on every child’s cheeks and then we left the place.

The next day I visited the blindschool again but this time alone. There were very few children.
I went straight to that little girl holding an abacus and asked “neenga yaru”.(who are you)
She unfolded her palms and raised her arm.
The blindschool staff said “sir pakathula ponga ava ungala feel panumnu nenaikira”(sir pls go near her she wants to feel you)
I held that little girls palm and placed them over my cheeks and said “Shadowfax”
She replied “nan meena”(I am meena)

That’s when a new relation started germinating between me and meena. Nowadays I visit her every time whenever I am in Madurai and spend some time talking with her about the world she sees(feels!). And whenever I visit the school I place meenu’s palm on my cheeks she would recognize me the next second and say “Shadowfax”

Life’s greatest happiness comes in small forms! Truly speaking Each day meena sees more of this world than us.

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