Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kutty Heroes - Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is!!

Vandana Yadav – age 13 - fought the three goons who tried to molest her - She slapped one of them; one of them whipped out a knife - She was stabbed 17 times – but she never gave up the fight – finally the men fled in fear- wants to be a police officer - to protect the dignity of women and make their lives safer – class of bravery award winners (2007)

Teja Sai, and C V Durga Doondieswar - Ravindra Bharathi Public School - picnic on the banks of the Munneru river - A ball that some students were playing with fell into the river- Some of them tried to retrieve it, but were caught in the current- Teja Sai and Doondieswar knew how to swim - They saved four of them but in the process lost their own lives. class of bravery award winners (2007)

Paonam Babyrose Devi - fractured left leg - her toddler cousin Nebision head for a bucket of water in which her mother had put an electrical immersion heater - no one in the house - Nebision put his hand in the water - he had been electrocuted - Paonam dragged herself on the floor and turned off the main electricity switch- dragged herself out of the house and raised the alarm - The villagers heard her cries and could rush to help Nebision just in time - wants to become a doctor so that she can take care of the people in the villages.

Asma Ayyub Khan - who helped about 40 trapped schoolchildren escape floodwaters

Sushila Gurjar of Rajasthan - revolted against child marriage

Shilpa Janbandhu of Chhattisgarh - defied Naxalite threats

And 24 24 odd situations....showed unbeleivable courage....

Hats off to those 24 little children they made quite a lot of difference to others life by putting their own life on the line...

Inspite of getting scared half to death these brave little hearts never said "I QUIT"

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